Average Sandstone Pavers Installation Cost

It has become common knowledge, at least amongst those building inclined, that paving your patio will most likely be your greatest landscaping cost. The amount is affected by the type of material chosen and size of the patio. There are several type of materials such as brick, concrete and flat stone however, sand stone stands out as it offers a larger range of designs to choose from with its inexpensive cost. It further adds that natural feel to your patio or garden due to the colour blends and gives your patio that sense of exclusivity as each stone has its own natural design. There’s also a wide range of sizes and textures to choose from.

Preference and Types

Sandstone pavers are perfect for both indoor and outdoor uses. Most home owners prefer to use them outdoor. They add colour and pattern to a garden too. The cost of installing pavers vary according to several factors but the cost is not, and should not be, the only area to be considered. The pros and cons should also be considered. Crab Orchard, Colorado Red and Pennsylvania Blue are common names under which the Sandstone pavers are sold. Some common sandstone paves colours are the blue and lilac gray. The lighter the colour, the more sophisticated and expensive it looks.

2017 Sandstone Pavers Cost

Advantages of Sandstone Pavers

The porousness of the sandstone pave is a big advantage as it not only prevents the sandstone from looking old overtime but also prevents accidents caused by slippery floor. The holes in the pavers drain the water and let it slip out through the bottom. This further makes it a perfect choice for the surroundings of a swimming pool.

Furthermore, it is eco-friendly as it releases no toxins into the environment.
The sandstone pavers which are made of natural materials makes them easier to work with. They can be cut into more shapes and makes them easier to work with.

The Other Side – Disadvantages

On the other hand, inadequate maintenance of the sandstone can cause staining. This is because when grease, soda or some other viscous material spills on them, they easily find their way through the tiny holes, blocking them and giving them a discoloration. Mud also does the same therefore it is advisable that the pavers are swept and mopped regularly with warm water to get rid of any debris that might have got stuck.

Installation and Factors Affecting Cost

Installation of sandstone pavers has several cost attached. Due to the fact that sandstone is made from natural material, it’s cost isn’t expensive. It ranges from $10 to $20 per square foot. This is also due to the availability of sandstone locally as the origin of materials plus transportation costs add to the cost of materials.

The regularity of sandstone pavers puts in the the low cost category. It comes in a wide range of designs but of the same size and shape, except cut into desired shapes.

Another factor that determines cost is the degree of complexity and intricacy of the design. Patios that require rounded or curves designs usually cost more. This is because it takes additional time and effort to install.

Yet another cost determining factor is the preparation of the subgrade. For example, if sandstone pavers are installed on grass, there is a great possibility for them to move when stepped on. This can be dangerous as anybody can be injured in the process. Furthermore to this reason, many builders ensure that the layers where the pavers are to be installed are free from grass and other foreign materials. They are usually lined and levelled with sand and concrete before installation. The amount of time and work spent in doing this determins cost to a large extent.
Labour cost too cannot be overlooked. Labourers would normally charge at an hourly rate and the size of the area to be worked also determines cost. The larger the area, the more the cost. It can take as much as 30 hours to four weeks to install sandstone pavers in a patio. Installation could cost as much as $1,000 or more in addition to cost of materials. The cost of renting materials if you do not already possess them should be put into consideration. Many home owners would rather give the job to contractors who already own these instruments than go renting.


In a nutshell, the sandstone pavers are a perfect option for your patio. The natural feel and a wide range of designs to choose from gives it an edge over other pavers. Cost of the individual pavers, transport or materials, complexity of design, size of patio, preparation of subgrade, cost of labour and rental of materials should all be considered.