Cost to Install Granite Pavers

Are you looking to enhance the aesthetic outlook of your driveway, patio or area around your swimming pool and fireplace? Then look no further than granite pavers. Granite has been used as the preferred paving stone for centuries due to their ability to withstand extreme conditions such as adverse weather conditions and their resistance to scratch, heat, and stain. Granite also comes in unique colors which when arranged result in majestic hues making it a traditional favorite for facing residential, commercial, institutions buildings as well as monuments. Its proven durability makes it a worthy investment for any homeowner seeking to enhance his or her outdoor design. But how much will it cost you to install granite pavers?

Granite Pavers Installation Cost

Perhaps one of the most frequently asked questions by homeowners is “how much do granite pavers cost?’’ fortunately, the following post seeks to offer a comprehensive detail of the average pavers cost you will incur should you decide to install granite pavers around your home or commercial building. Let’s jump into it.

Cost to Install Granite Pavers

Square feet

Depending on the square feet you are looking to install granite pavers, there are costs that are you are likely to encounter and they include; material costs, the operation fees which includes dump fees, delivery fees, fuelling fees, clean up fees just to mention a few, labor costs, company overhead that includes liability insurance and workers compensation, and lastly the company profit. Assuming you are seeking to replace your 129 Sq.Ft worn out concrete driveway with new granite pavers here is a rough estimate of what you are likely to incur…..

Granite Pavers Cost

The non-discounted retail price for 5/4 inch thick granite paver ranging from 12’’ X12 ’ to 24’’ X36’’ will cost you an average low of $ 488 and an average high of $736 respectively. This cost is inclusive of the materials such as bedding sand and joint sand as well as delivery.


The cost of labor is usually determined by multiplying the total number of hours the contractor has spent on the project by a predetermined cost per hour. Total labor cost is inclusive of planning, area preparation, setup, protection, and clean-up. For 129 Sq.Ft the contractor is likely to spend an average of 15 hours which is equivalent to a low average cost of 960.93 and the high cost of $ 1160.

Job supplies

The cost of materials and supplies required installing granite pavers for 129 Sq.Ft will cost you a minimum of $54.86 and a maximum of $62.41.

Company overheads

This cost entails the allowance of the equipment required for efficiency and quality as well as the daily lease charges for the equipment. Such equipment includes: wet masonry saw, mortar box alongside plate compactor. The cost varies from company to company but the minimum cost is $56.25 and maximum cost is $78.25.

Therefore, the total granite installation cost you are likely to incur for 129sqft is a minimum of $1,560 and a maximum of $2042.This means the average cost per square for paver installation costs a minimum of $ 13 and a maximum of $ 17. However, these costs may vary from company to company as different companies have different rates