Cost to Install a Natural Stone Patio

With summer time in full swing, most of us want to ditch the act and head to the outdoors. The problem is that if you have neglected your patio space for years, last season may have been the straw that broke the camel’s back. Trying to upgrade an outdoor entertainment area is not a cheap endeavor. The good news is that there are a plethora of new materials on the market that not only make it easy to afford, most of them can be installed with little to no experience. It is a fine line to walk finding an expensive looking landscaped area on a small budget, but that does not mean that it is impossible.

If you want to use stone there are a ton of inexpensive natural stone and stone pavers at your local do it yourself centers that can be completed in the matter of days and without the cost you would expect. Patio pavers cost differentials can be quite extensive depending on what grade you choose and the complexity of installation. If you choose stone pavers that you can lay yourself you are going to save a considerable amount.

Thanks to the internet it is possible not only to purchase the materials you need online, you are able to find a contractor to install them if you are unable yourself. Sites like our allow you to input your specific zip code and they will give you a general cost not only for stone materials but also for the cost of installing them. The calculator on sites like are an excellent way to budget your cost for the type of materials you want and the depth of installation complexity it takes.

On the average, for something as basic as a Flagstone patio, the cost is approximately $20 per square foot. That includes the price to both level and lay a concrete slab beneath them to add extra stability to lengthen the time of the patio. For patio pavers, the cost is a little less at $15 per square foot. The reason for the differential is due to the fact that pavers are more likely to stay put. The design of them negates the need for an underlayment, which can be labor intensive and drive up the cost of the patio.

Your least expensive materials to build a patio are going to be concrete and gravel. Not as upscale as natural stone pavers, they can add a more “rustic” look to your outdoors. If you dress them up with beautiful landscaping, they can really add ambiance to any space. Concrete patios average about $11.50 a square foot and gravel about $5.50. Sometimes it isn’t as much about materials used as it is about the way that you decorate the outdoors. Choosing the right materials is about personal choice, your budget and whether you are ready to pull up your sleeves and get to work. Once finished, however, a patio will make you summer time that much more enjoyable no matter what it is constructed of.

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