Cost To Install Flagstone Patio

Are you interested to install a flagstone patio in your house located in USA ? If yes then the very first thing that you would want to know is the cost of installing a Flagstone patio. It will be worthwhile to mention in this context that the cost of stone varies considerably according to the variations in its weight, smoothness or texture, style as well as its thickness. However, on an average flagstone costs from $3 and $5 per square foot in the USA. Here are some more details on the natural stone patio cost in USA:

Flagstone Patio Cost

It should not come to you as a shock that stone is a pretty expensive material. So, it can be said with reasonable assurance that the cost to install a flagstone Patio will range somewhere from $15 to $30 per square foot especially in the USA. Another important factor that determines the cost of the flagstone patio is the thickness of the flagstone. Without adding any discount the retail price of Flagstone pattern stone which has a thickness of one inches and a size that ranges between twelve by twelve inches to twenty-four by thirty-six inches if required to cover an area of one hundred and twenty-nine square foot will cost from $467.87 to $705.92 provided that the material that is used is for repair and local delivery.

Flagstone Installation Cost

You all have come to realize by now that flagstone is quite an expensive material so often people mix sand and concrete while installing flagstone patios in their homes to make it cost-effective. Flagstone comes in a variety of types and costs. The most popular types of flagstone are The Lyons Red which costs $150 per ton, The Blue Mica Quartzite which costs $700 per ton And the Silver Quartzite which costs $700 per ton.

Installation Cost

Before installing a flagstone patio you have to prep up the entire area to build a solid foundation prior to laying the stone. This will automatically increase the labor cost. It can be further stated that the flagstone installation cost per square foot will vary depending upon the specific location, the total amount of stones that will be needed as well as the total area that needs to be covered. The two other main factors that can affect the pavers installation cost are its thickness and process of installation.

Now that you have an idea about how much it could cost to install a flagstone Patio in the US you can decide to give your home the perfect look by installing a patio. Because Flagstone comes in a variety of shapes, sizes and has a wide range of colors you can choose the best stone that will give your home the extra look that you have been thinking about for so long. So what are you waiting for? Get a proper estimate of the square foot area of your premises where you will do the flagstone installation and rush to your nearest flagstone shop to choose from the wide range of stones the particular one which is best suited to decorate your home.