Average Cost to Block Pave a Driveway

When it is time to install the driveway, you need to consider a lot of different aspects. It gives a nice look to your house. There are several different types of driveway materials and styles that you can use depending on your location, house, and budget. You can use stone, concrete or other available material in the construction of the driveway. In case you want to spice it up, there is also an option of designer and colored blocks. It all depends on how much you want to spend on the paving. The cost of block paving is less than natural stone paving but more than concrete paving.

Different Type Of Pavers Or Paving Material

Driveway paving entirely depends on the material you are using. In most of the houses, people prefer to go for concrete pavement as it is cheaper and durable. If your budget is higher, you can choose natural stone pavement or brick and block pavement. The block pavement comes in many different colors and you can choose to have patterns and designs leading to your garage or backyard as well.

Cost to Block Pave a Driveway

Advantage Of Paving Driveway

Properly paved driveways can last for more than 10-15 years but you have to be sure that you maintain the pavement properly. In case there is a small crack or you notice some chipping, it has to be repaired immediately to avoid any further damage. Properly planned pavement gives ethnic look to your house. It creates a link from the road to your garage which makes taking the vehicle in and out much easier.

Disadvantage Of Paving Driveway

Theoretically, there are no disadvantages of paving the driveway. It may, however, not look good in case you didn’t think it through properly. Planning and execution in the best possible way are very important as this is going to be a long lasting project.

Cost of paving the driveway

  • The brick pavers cost about USD 5 to USD 10 per square foot depending on the material, quality, design and size of the bricks or blocks. The cost of block pave also depends on the color if you plan to use a pattern on the driveway.
  • The natural stone pavers cost anything between USD 6 to USD 50 per square foot. The cost of the material depends on the composition of the rock and the transportation cost of bringing the stone to your house.
  • Concrete pavers are the most common and cheapest option available in the market. It generally costs between USD 3 to USD 10 per square foot. You can also use molds and colors to add to the concrete to give a different look to your driveway.

Labor cost

Apart from the material you also have to consider the cost of the labor. On an average, the driveway runs for about 1000 square feet. The labor cost comes out to be approx USD 2500 for that. That means for every square foot, you should add USD 2.5 to the cost of paving the driveway. The cost of sealant, base material, fill material etc. may also increase the overall cost. It is always better to consult a contractor before starting the project.