Cobblestone Pavers Installation Cost

Cobblestone pavers are the revolutionary materials used in making driveway. Cobblestone is not only durable and unique, they are available in a variety of colors and you can choose according to your preference. They give a driveway that unique, contemporary with a touch of class look that will enhance your exteriors. The cobble stones come in a variety of designs allowing your limitless creativity for your driveway. Since they are made of granite the cobblestone are highly durable and do not stain and your can have a stunning, new looking driveway all the time. In case of damage you can replace the damaged stones easily. A cobblestone driveway can remain functional and stable for up to 100 years. However, it is important to consider the cost of installing a cobblestone paver before undertaking the project. This brief overview is a short assessment of the cobblestone paver installation cost right from material cost to labor cost and extra supplies that you may need.

Calculation Cobblestone Pavers Cost

Calculation Cobblestone Pavers Cost

Cost of the Material. The standard cost or non-discounted retail pricing of natural granite cobbles is a minimum of$1,169.68 and a maximum of $1,764.82 for a surface of about 129 square feet. The granite is usually hand-cut and has a tumbled appearance. The pieces are usually cut into 10”x7”x4”. The quantity usually comprises of typical waste overage as well as material for delivery. This cost is typically inclusive of local delivery costs.

Basic Labor Cost for the Installation. The basic labor cost that you will require to install the cobblestone pavers in favorable site conditions is a minimum of $,1074.22 and a maximum of $1,302.08 for 17.1 hours. This cost is distributed between layout, marking and excavation of the area to be paved. You will also need 4’’ base gravel, 2’’ bedding sand and edge border. The professionals are in charge of applying polymer modified sand to the joints. The labor cost will cover planning, area preparation, protection, setup as well as cleanup. The professionals mostly come with their own equipment.

Cost of Related Materials. This include cobblestone pavers job supplies including material and supplies that will be required in installing the cobblestone pavers such as grinding and cutting materials, mortar and reinforcement. On average you can spend between $53.64 and 61.02 per 129 square feet.

Slab excavation. The area will need to be excavated using hand tools to make a uniform depth that is below final surface level that is on a maximum 8 inches. You may spend about $158.60 to $192.25 for 2.5 hours. It is important to distribute material on site for sidewalks, driveways and slabs.

Cost Summary. The total cost of installing cobblestone pavers for an area of 120 square feet is about $2,297.54 to $3,127.92. The average cost of installing cobblestone pavers per square foot is a minimum of $19.15 and a maximum of $26.07.

Extra Tip. You should know that contractors usually get best deals on materials hence it is advisable to involve them in purchasing materials.

Cobblestone pavers for driveways are inexpensive yet durable and appealing for your exterior. Make an informed decision to install cobblestone pavers and enjoy a stunning and long lasting driveway forever.