Complete Patio Pavers Cost Guide

Now more than ever landscaping projects are highly noted for presenting plethora of options that most homeowners have gone to great lengths to fully exploit. This is especially true when it comes to the design options that are laid out for you, which In essence allows you to fully exercise your creativity to its very end. Despite of this such prerogatives usually tend to come with some strings attached to them.

To begin with there is always bound to be budget constraints. Without taking the necessary time to comprehensively calculate the overall costs involved, you can easily end up draining all your finances before bringing about the conclusion you had in mind. This is particularly true for paver landscaping projects. Be they be for a driveway, pool surrounds, patio, courtyards or even a walkway. The various materials that are utilized in such projects come at varying price tags. Not to mention the labor costs and even the eventual amount you will have to spend on maintaining such installations in the future.

To this end, many homeowners normally prefer to make use of cheap pavers, which significantly minimizes the overall costs of installation. However, such solutions are known to ultimately present highly exorbitant maintenance costs, and in the extreme costly repairs or even replacements. This definitely makes it extremely prudent to full establish the entire lifecycle paver costs of the exact materials you are keen on using. Ideally, the trick in doing so totally lies in balancing between the aesthetic factors, general performance of the materials you opt for as well as the cost of installation you will be obliged to foot.

Concrete paversLike earlier mentioned, there is a wide range of readily available paver material you can settle for which largely depends on your given budget. You will also have to factor in other necessary materials such as bedding sand, joint sand geotextile fiber and even class II sand road base. Together with the exact costs it will take to have all these products safely delivered to your residence. Without forgetting the labor costs that you will have to foot to access the services of a contractor that can bring your landscaping project to the desired culmination.

To which end this article is designed to elaborate on the estimated cost of installing pavers that you can use to identify the feasible options that may be laid out for you. To make things simple we will make use of two realistic examples. The first will focus on the general cost of installing a 1,000 square foot paver driveway. The second will dwell on a typical 400 square foot paver patio cost of installation. Well without further ado let us directly get into the swing of things.

1,000 square feet paver driveway cost estimations

When it comes to a driveway, there are generally many paver materials that you could settle depending on the above stated factors. We will now take a closer look at them.

Concrete pavers

Concrete pavers are artificial products that are extensively utilized in a wide variety of landscaping projects. They are widely noted for their unmatched affordability as when compared with other similar solutions. These products’ price range usually lies within the $5 to $10 per every square foot. Hence by making use of the 1000 square feet driveway example, you can expect to pay initial costs of between $5000 to $10000. Nevertheless, when you take into consideration the lifecycle end of things, you will certainly sepdn much more than that. Concrete pavers necessitate regular cleaning and also sealing. This is due to the undeniable fact that their coloring is normally artificial and it tends to fade away with the passage of time.

Poured concrete pavers

This is an extremely durable paver material that is also noted for its unmatched affordability. Ideally depending on the exact location you may be living in, you can buy this product within the price range of around $5 for each square foot you need. This rounds up to $5000 for a one thousand square feet paver driveway. On the flipside poured concrete pavers are susceptible to cracking and their color also fades over time. By choosing this product you are bound to incur considerably hefty maintenance expenses in the future. Which is largely because they require regular sealing and cleaning.

Stamped and colored

These products effortlessly integrate the long lasting attributes of poured concrete along with the additionally advantages of distinctive colors and patterns. That in the long run can create a delightful aesthetically pleasing effect, which you will most definitely appreciate. This solution is also known for its affordability , and can be the ideal option if you happen to be operating under a tight budget. Generally, a square foot of this paver material goes for between $4 to $ 10, which largely depends on the exact patterns and colors you eventually settle for. Thus for a one thousand square feet driveway you can expect to accrue initial costs of from $4000 to $ 10000. When it comes to the lifecycle end , these materials unfortunately lack the durability that the two other reviewed products integrate. This simply means that you should expect to foot considerable maintenance costs for it to retain its colors and also prevent staining over time.

Colored pavers

Natural stone pavers

Opting for this solution will certainly trigger you to spend significant initial costs than any of the previously reviewed paver materials. This product cannot be manufactured as it is naturally occurring , which makes it relatively rare. Depending on the distinct type of natural stone material you want, you should expect to spend between $10 to $30 on each square foot you order. Which adds up to from $10000 to $30000 for a one thousand square feet driveway. It is also important to note that the rarer the stone the money you should expect to spend. Additionally, the installation costs of these products are also noted for been on the high end when compared to all other alternatives. This is because natural stone pavers are laid one by one, which undoubtedly requires a lot of skill and also time.

Brick pavers

When it comes to brick paver price you can definitely breath a huge sigh of relief. These products are known to be widely available and are therefore one of the preferred choice for most homeowners that face budget constraints. Brick pavers are made in extremely high production rates and are more readily available that all the other products that we have reviewed. Generally, these products can be had for between $5 to $15 depending on the exact location you may be situated in. This rounds up to from $5000 to $10000 for a one thousand square feet paver driveway. Brick pavers also present a wide range of unique options when it comes to colors, shapes, sizes and even patterns. They also necessitate very minimal maintenance expenses and all you will have to do to keep them in an excellent condition is just regularly washing them and periodically sealing them ( usually after a year). This definitely makes them a very cost effective solution. And due to their widely acclaimed long lasting properties you can be in an excellent position to make use of them for a long time to come.

Patio Pavers Calculator

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Additionally paver installation materials cost estimates

Paving installation toolsLet us now take a look at how much the earlier mentioned additional paver installation materials will cost you. Due to save time we will be obliged to categorize class II road base and bedding sand into one single group . You can expect to spend at least $0.52 for each square foot of these materials. This naturally rounds up to a total of $5200 for a one thousand square feet paver driveway. Next you will also needgeotextile fiber that is usually installed beneath the class II road base. Its primary function is to effectively prevent the latter from been infiltrated with the native soil of your residence. You should expect to spend around $0.15 for every square foot of this commodity you purchase. This certainly means that you will have to cough around $1500 for a one thousand square feet paver driveway. You will also be in need of joint sand that usually goes for around $0.04 for each square foot. This rounds up to $400 for a one thousand square feet paver driveway.

Operational costs

You will also be required to spare some money for on operational costs, which can range from dump fees, fuel cost and also delivery truck expenses. In essence it generally necessitates at least three truckloads of the paver material you will ultimately settle for. Along with at least two truckloads for the dirt load. This of course takes into account for a one thousand square feet paver driveway. The first expense depending on the exact area you reside and its proximity to the dump can cost you around $225. While the dirt load can cost you $200

Labor costs

All of the above calculated expenses from the initial costs of the different paver materials , to the operational costs are basically uniform regardless of where you may be located. However, when it comes to labor costs it usually happens to be a very different affair. As would be expected there are many factors that lead contractors to arrive at the specific costs they charge for their manpower requirements. This usually includes the costs of doing business, business taxes, the cost of an operating license and certification from the various regulatory bodies and more importantly the profit they expect to get.

This of course is applicable for those homeowners that will spare nothing to arrive at a top rate paver installation. Which definitely requires enlisting the services of a reputable contractor that retains highly skilled and experienced work crews that can get the job done in the manner you would desire. Thus for such services on an average basis you should expect to part away with from $2.50 to $3.00 for every square foot of your paver driveway. This automatically adds up to $2500 and $3000 for a well installed one thousand square feet of paver driveway. Finally, there also happen to be other extra factors that can hike up the cost of installing pavers on an individual to individual basis. This includes the accessibility of the paver materials you ultimately settle for, your property’s drainage infrastructure. The presence of tree roots that can get in the way of the installation process and many other related issues.

Paver patio installation costs estimates

Like you may probably remember this article was also aimed at briefly elaborating on the general paver patio cost that you can expect to foot whenever you decide to undertake such landscaping projects. As earlier mentioned we will take a case study of a typical 400 square feet paver patio, which can make a realistic representation of the all the expenses you can incur. With that fully understood it is important to take note of the fact that these projects greatly vary in costs. This is largely attributable to the number of amenities you wish to integrate into your patio. However for the most part you can expect to spend from around $5000 to $18500 in overall costs for a 400 square feet paver patio. This of course includes the costs of procuring the various paver materials you settle as well as the estimated costs of enlisting the services of a reputable contractor.

Paver Patio costs

Should you wish to integrate other features into your paver patio, the following is a run down of the money you should expect to spend. If you desire to install a fire pit it will most likely cost you an additional $700. Should you want an elegant fireplace you should expect to spend an additional $4500. Should be keen on installing an suitable sitting wall you will have to part with an additional $1500. If you are keen on having pergotas you can be required to foot an additional $2600. Finally, if you want an outside island you will have to foot at least $2000 for grill surrounds and at least $800 for a full outdoor kitchen.


As you can see undertaking a paver landscaping project generally necessitates taking into account quite a number of pertinent factors. This definitely means that you should beforehand have an excellent idea of the exact amount you intend to spend. Along with the lifecycle costs of maintaining the paver material you ultimately settle for.